March 2024: Wexford Hospital – Fire Remediation Update

March 2024: Wexford Hospital – Fire Remediation Update

It’s a year ago to the day that we commenced work on reinstating the patient services at Wexford General Hospital following an unprecedented fire at the Hospital which resulted in Wexford General Hospital closing for several months.

Wexford General Hospital experienced extensive damage in a devastating fire, including a partial roof collapse alongside water and fire damage to buildings and medical equipment. The damage extended to ‘large parts’ of the hospital leaving it in need of significant construction repair and electrical & mechanical works. Thankfully no-one was injured in the blaze. All but 29 of the 219 patients on site at the time had to be evacuated or relocated to other facilities and half of the hospital’s beds were closed.

So much has been achieved since March 2023 resulting in the reinstatement of most the clinical services.

During this time the collaboration within the delivery team has meant we have been able to achieve making the hospital safe, we have reinstated level the entirety of 2 and level 3 to almost full capacity, delivered a temporary endoscopy facility, a temporary on-call facility and a temporary education centre, all whilst scoping and designing the reinstatement of level 4 which was the epicentre of the fire.

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