June 2023: Phase 1 AMAU Complete at Tipperary University Hospital

Congratulations to Tom O’Brien’s Site Manager Murt Hourigan and his team who have just completed Phase 1 of Major Renovations to the AMAU ward at Tipperary University Hospital Clonmel for the HSE. Handover of the 1st Phase of the AMAU was completed last week in line with the programme dates.

The 2nd Phase of the works will see demolitions starting from this week so it’s straight into another intense 8 week work window for Murt and his team on the next phase. Well done to all of our subcontractors for their help in completing phase 1 on time, and we are sure we will get a similar positive attitude on phase 2. Also, a huge thanks to the Hospital Staff for their help and understanding whilst we worked in a critical area of the Hospital, and to the Design Team of RKD and Malone O’Regan for their help on phase 1 and now phase 2 of the AMAU refurbishment.

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