June 2023: Wexford Hospital Fire Damage Repair Works Update

A huge amount of Fire Damage Repair works have been carried out in Wexford Hospital by Tom O’Brien Construction and our subcontractors since the Fire to the Hospital Building occurred this past March, including:

  1. The Hospital’s Fire Damaged roof has been fully refurbished and is now nearing full completion.
  2. A New Temporary Endoscopy building has been provided.
  3. A New Temporary On-Call building has been provided.
  4. The Maternity Ward has been handed back by Tom O’Brien’s to the Hospital for their own internal Fit-Out and Commissioning processes before being put back into full operation in the coming weeks.
  5. A number of other fire damaged areas and wards within the Hospital have been handed back and areas will continue to be returned to the HSE in phases as repair works are completed.

All efforts are being made by Tom O’Brien’s, our subcontractors, HSE Staff and the Design team to get Wexford General Hospital up and operating again and back serving the people of Wexford and the South East as soon as possible.

Repair works are advancing at pace, but the level of damage to the Building fabric and M&E Services was severe, however we are now seeing real progress after months of hard, intense work and long around the clock hours by all staff.

We must acknowledge the huge effort from Tom O’Brien’s Staff on site in Wexford led by Pat, Alan and Bosco, their hard work in concert with that of all of our subcontractors and suppliers will get Wexford Hospital fully operational again very shortly.

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